The Fate Hangs

In this thrilling Hearthstone expansion, players will face tough choices as they explore a world of mystery and intrigue. With half of the classes on a dangerous time travel mission and the other half invited to join a mysterious cult, players must decide whether to prevent the unraveling of the universe or unlock untold power and secrets. Featuring new mechanics and cards, welcome to—The Anomalies of Time and Cult!

New keyword and Spell School: Time!

Distort the Reality

As you explore this brave new world, you'll find all kinds of resources to turn reality the way you want! Will you choose to join the cult and unlock its hidden secrets, or will you travel through time to stop the unraveling of the universe?

Time Travellers
The Cultists

Credits and Observations

I really want to thank all the CHS community and moderation, from both Discord and Reddit. This wouldn't be close to possible without you guys, and all the people that have been actively helping it to grow and giving me support for the cards, it means a lot to me!

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